Majestic Finish offers plastering and drywall finishing services, including traditional plastering using Venetian Plaster and Veneer Plaster, to create elegant walls.

There are many benefits to using natural plaster for your walls. To know more about plaster, please read our page What is plaster and its benefits?

Veneer Plaster

Veneer plaster is made of lime and gypsum. By nature Veneer plaster looks like concrete when dry. Different pigments can be added to the gray plaster to make a wide-range of coloured plaster walls. It can be waxed, creating a smooth glassy finish to give a more polished look, which can make a wall stand out. A fireplace or a wine room is an ideal application for this. It can also be just painted on for high traffic areas like entry way, staircases, hallways and garages. Veneer plaster can also be used over rock or brick walls as well as drywall to provide stronger walls.

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Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is lime plaster mixed with marble dust. It gives the most high-end finish on your walls. It can also be tinted to any colour and different patterns can be offered. This plaster creates a perfectly smooth finish without the need for any sanding. It’s like having a layer of marble stone on your wall. After waxing, Venetian plaster is water resistant. This type of finish is best suited to accentuate featured walls that will elevate your space.

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Drywall Finishing (Level 1 to 5)

Drywall finishing services includes mud & tape, skim coating with a finish level all the way to level 5, the highest-quality finish possible. Level 5 finishing can be done over pre- existing painted walls, new construction cement or drywall, following the removal of wallpaper, to finish walls with difficult curvature or to cover up texture walls or ceilings.

Almost any idea or concept can be achieved through careful consideration of where the plasters and paints will be applied, and what the overall desired effect will be. Small-scale samples will be made for approval and further customization from our clients before the application stage.

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“The art of plastering is as old as civilization. In fact, stated more emphatically, without plaster there is no civilization.  Mankind’s ability to leave the cave, raise a shelter of stones or reeds and coat that shelter with an earthen plaster enabled him to create the “cave” wherever he desired. Building permanent dwellings close to fresh water, upon a fortifiable position or adjoining arable land allowed extended families to gather and the first cities to be born.”

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Special Projects

Are you looking for decorations that will wow the whole neighbourhood? Those are super solid concrete statues/planters you can use for many years, can be in the rain and snow no problem. You can put candles inside to make them glow at the night. They have a raw concrete look right now but can be painted upon request.

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