Majestic Finish is the creation of Luke Niedzielski. Luke is a traditional  Plasterer, having learned his trade in “the old country” and perfected in England. He is equally versatile in the art of Venetian and veneer plasters, as well as all aspects of typical North American Drywall systems including mud & tape, skim coating and all levels of drywall finishing.

Luke was fortunate to learn the classic trade of plasterer in Europe while living in England, where buildings are required to be built using plaster (not mud) on walls. When not teaching snowboarding in the Alps over the winters, Luke was making his way to London to work as plasterer in the summer

There he obtained his certificate in a Master Plastering Class. Coming to Whistler to pursue his snowboarding dream, he is now a permanent resident of Canada and recently created Majestic Finish to offer his rare plastering skills in the Sea-to-Sky Area.

Since its creation in March 2018, Luke has worked on a few exciting projects in Veneer plaster and Venetian plaster. Visit our Facebook page to see photos and descriptions for each project.

Contact Luke to get a quote on a project.