Plaster Benefits

What Is Plaster & Its Benefits?

Plaster is composed mainly of lime and/or gypsum. When applied to surfaces, plaster gives a monolithic look. Plasterwalls are much more durable than drywalland is a higher quality finish. When finished, all corner lines are crisp and all surfaces are perfectly flat planes.

Majestic Finish specializes in Venetian and Veneer plaster. Both of those make very strong surface that are harder to scratch making them very durable.  They are also %100 naturaland provide additional isolation on walls.

Plaster doesn’t produce any dust except for a small amount released when water is first added to the powder. It also doesn’t require sanding. Compared to drywall, a plaster wall takes less time to finish and produces less mess.

But it does require skill and practice which is difficult to find in Canada. This is why you need to hire a plaster specialist such as Majestic Finish!

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Benefit of Natural Plaster Walls

  • More durable than drywall.
  • Non-toxic, made with natural minerals.
  • Breathable, allow water vapor to permeate freely so moisture evaporates quickly.
  • Naturally high in pH.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • Provide extra isolation and soundproofing. Increased energy efficiency.
  • Can be use interior and exteriors.
  • No dust created. Does not require sanding.
  • Looks sensational.

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